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FOOD FOR THE HEART – Dhamma reflections of Ajahn Jayasāro

This little blog project has set out to translate -at least- 108 (edit: Feb 2019 already < 130 reached) compact Dhamma reflections of the Buddhist monk and well-known meditation teacher Ajahn Jayasāro into the German language and sharing them here.

Since a few years already, Tan Ajahn Jayasāro receives regular teaching invitations from his rapidly growing following in Mainland China, where obviously there is a growing interest in the Thai forest tradition’ s way of practice. Out of many requests and urges from these devout students, the “Food for the Heart” teaching-series was started, in which Tan Ajahn, twice a week (Tue & Sat), shares a picture of his handwritten Dhamma-reflection in a private WeChat-group named “Food for the Heart”.

These biweekly Dhamma teachings are then, in a group effort, directly translated into Chinese, artistically expressed and shared. Translation groups in other languages, like Italian and Thai, followed.

Thus, I would like to provide Ajahn’s teaching in German for the non-English-speaking seekers as a gift of Dhamma.

However, since there seems to be no other single website where the English originals are posted and many visitors of this blog are non-German speakers, I decided in Dec. 2018 to also provide the originals here. The titles in English and German are all added by me and not by Tan Ajahn.

The translations are a small gift of gratitude to my mother and father, my sister, and to the extended family and friends whose selfless and unconditional love and support during all my life’s different journeys is a truely inspiring blessing. May you all be happy; May you all be free from suffering, despair, depression and fears; may you be free from the causes of suffering, despair, depression and fear; May you learn the skill of giving up these causes of suffering and wholeheartedly develope the causes for happiness and well-being! May this gift of Dhamma encourage you to strive for the ultimate liberation of the heart !

With muditacittena and kataññutā


Pictures by Shitou 石头

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